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How much is your PC mouse used every day?
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10 March 2014

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The idea to know more about the world surrounding us has been the precursor for all the inventions and breakthroughs that we humans have achieved. This thirst for knowledge invariably extends to our computer systems and you may be curious to know about several performance aspects related to your system. However at times you may also want to know about trivial yet alluring things like the distance you covered with your mouse cursor. Well with the help of the SuperEasy Mouse Tracker 1.0.1 you can know the distance you would end up covering with your mouse in a given time frame and gain interesting statistics.

The SuperEasy Mouse Tracker 1.0.1 has a compact interface with a set of elegant screens depicting the key statistics associated with the movement of the mouse cursor. To start with it showcases the total distance covered till date and lists the distance traveled today just below it. It even lists down the average speed with which you drag your mouse cursor around the screen in Mph. When you look at the Statistics window you get to see a whole lot of detail including the distance covered in the given year and even the specific month or day when you happened to do the most with your mouse. It even presents an interesting chart depicting the movements in a neat manner and you can quickly visualize the days when you were most active with the mouse.

Owing to its interesting concept and whole set of options to choose designs and measure the selections you make, we mark the SuperEasy Mouse Tracker 1.0.1 with a score of three rating stars. Run this program on your PC and you may just be surprised to know that you covered thousands of meters in a given year with your little mouse.

Publisher's description

SuperEasy Mouse Tracker shows you in detail which distance you cover with your mouse at the computer. The program reveals detailed statistics, which might be quite surprising for some PC users, and even invites to compare distances with friends.
You can not only select one of 10 different designs, but also show the top speed of your mouse and select a different screen size.
The most important features:
- Analysis of the covered distance with the PC mouse
- Top speed of the PC mouse
- Covered distance per day, month and year
- Real-time measurement of utilization
SuperEasy Mouse Tracker
SuperEasy Mouse Tracker
Version 1.0.1
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